Termite Removal in Haledon, New Jersey

Termite Removal in Haledon, New Jersey

Haledon, NJ

Incorporated under an Act by the New Jersey Legislature in 1908, Haledon replaced the now-defunct Manchester Township. Haledon is located in Passaic County and occupied just over a square mile of land. Notable past residents have included gold medalist Bruce Baumgatner and pro basketball player Bennie Borgmann.

Exterminator in Haledon, New Jersey

Pests enjoy warm, safe places to wait out the winter, which makes your home a target for infestation as the winter approaches. An exterminator with the most up-to-date training and certifications is your best bet when it comes to protecting your family and property from these invaders. For over 25 years, ACT-Termite has been servicing the Haledon area’s pest control needs and has built strong lasting relationships with its residents. For more info, call (973) 246-9941.

Bed Bug Treatment in Passaic County

One of the worst most terrible experiences a homeowner can go through is a bed bug infestation. Many people attempt to rid their homes of bed bugs on their own, but they find out just how hard it can be. ACT-Termite’s expert staff is specially trained to exterminate bed bugs in your home with up-to-date technologies and methods. Learn more online at www.act-termite.com.

Termites in 07508

Where there’s wood, there are probably termites. In New Jersey, one in five homes fall victim to termite damage each year. That’s 20% of homes! If you have termites, or think that you might, there’s only one company you should turn to in the Haledon area. Turn to ACT-Termite! Learn more online at www.act-termite.com.

Termite Treatment in Haledon

Homes are big investments and are costly enough to keep up. Termites and termite damage can make a home even more expensive to maintain. So, if you know that there’s a termite infestation, or even think that there may be one, call the experts at ACT-Termite. Our highly trained staff of expert technicians knows how to protect your home from termites and other pests. For more info, call (973) 246-9941.

Commercial Pest Control in 07508

ACT-Termite doesn’t only service residential properties. So if your warehouse or office space has a pest infestation, call us today. Our expert technicians are specially trained in dealing with pest in homes and commercial spaces, so that no matter where the infestation might be, we can help you protect your property. For more info, call (973) 246-9941.

Rodent Control in Haledon, NJ

When mice, rats, and other rodents invade your home, they can chew through wires, walls, and more. The damage to your home can get costly, but it doesn’t have to be. At ACT-termite, we know that protecting your property is important. That’s why we keep all of our extermination specialists up-to-date on all of the rodent control methods. Don’t let rodents destroy your home. Learn more online at www.act-termite.com.

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