Termite Control in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Termite Control in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Like Haledon and Prospect Park, Hawthorne was originally part of the now-defunct Manchester Township. The town has been home to several notable people including actors and New York Giants running back Maurice Carthon. Supporting a population of more than 18,000 residents, the town is 3.3 square miles.

Located in Passaic County, NJ, Hawthorne is home to nearly 19,000 residents. The town was incorporated in 1898 and occupies 3.3 square miles of land, Notable past and present residents of Hawthorne include singer Deborah Harry, former New York Giant Maurice Carthon, and New Jersey State Senator John Girgenti.

Exterminator in Hawthorne

The role an exterminator plays in protecting your home is absolutely vital, so choosing the best exterminator is very important. All kinds of pests live in Hawthorne—rodents, bugs, and more—and ACT-Termite specializes in every kind of pest removal, from termites to raccoons. Whatever your pest problem may be, ACT’s got you covered. Go online at www.act-termite.com for more information.

Termites in New Jersey

One in five homes suffers from termite damage each year in New Jersey. That means if you have 20% chance of your home getting an infestation. And some infestations can grow and number in the hundreds of thousands. So, when you have a termite, or any other infestation, you want to go with a trusted name, and there’s no more trusted named in the Passaic County area than ACT-Termite. For more than 25 years, ACT-Termite has been to the go-to name in your area, so if you’ve got a termite issue, call the name that Hawthorne trusts. Call ACT at (973) 246-9941.

Bed Bug Treatment in New Jersey

One of the hardest types of infestations to rid your home of is a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs hide away in tight, hard to reach places like the seams of mattresses. That’s why it’s important to seek out professional help with trying to free your home from a bed bug infestation. The bed bug experts at ACT-Termite have been helping Hawthorne residents take back their homes from pest for nearly thirty years and can help you too. Go online at www.act-termite.com for more information.

Termite Treatment in Hawthorne, New Jersey

These wood-eating bugs invade one in five homes each year and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. If you’ve noticed holes or tunnels in wooden structures on your property, you may have a termite infestation. Termite extermination has been ACT’s specialty for nearly three decades, so if you’ve got termites, call the most trusted name in Passaic County. Call ACT-Termite at (973) 246-9941.

Rodent Control in Hawthorne

Have you found chewed wires or drywall in your home? If you answered yes, than you may have a rodent infestation. Rats, mice, and other rodents nest in people’s homes and cause damage to walls, food stock, and more. Put a stop to rodent infestations before they become unmanageable by calling ACT-Termite. Specially trained technicians are standing by now to rid your home of rodents and other pests, so don’t wait another minute. Call (973) 246-9941.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control in Hawthorne

Pest infestations can be a lot of trouble when you find them on your property. And the bigger your property, the bigger the potential pests have for causing costly damage. That’s why ACT-Termite offers both residential and commercial pest control in the Hawthorne area. So, whether you own a home or a warehouse, we can help. If you’ve know you have a pest infestation, or think that you might have one, don’t hesitate to call ACT right now at (973) 246-9941.

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